Great Ways To Make Use Of Internet In Business

The advertising landscape has change so much over the last few years. Many business owners find themselves stuck and unsure where to even start. The perks to the use of internet in business are the same whether you are an offline business owner or online business owner.

For offline business owners the use of internet in business can do a lot to increase sales. It first increases your exposure. There are very few people who go to the phone book to find an area business they go to the internet. In fact most major cities no longer send out phone books without a request. That’s why it’s important that you are able to be located online.

If you want to make use of internet in business the easiest way to get started is first have a website. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy but it should have the core information that would allow a prospect to locate your business and maybe find out a little information about your business. In both the offline and online world the purpose of your website is to find targeted prospects to locate your business and thus increase sales. With some basic search engine optimization it would really easy to make sure your site shows up in areas of the internet that will bring you more traffic.

Once you have set up your website here are some other tips to make use of internet in business. Using your website you can find some simple ways to drive targeted traffic to your website using methods such as press releases and social media.

How can I make use of internet in business to increase communication with my customers?

Social media is a great way to have repeat communication when you make use of internet in business. Using sites like Facebook once someone has “liked” your Facebook page you can post updates and it will show up on their account. You can continue to connect by posting about upcoming specials or new products.

Another way to communicate over and over with your visitors is to have an auto responder attached to your website. This is a great use of internet in business. An auto responder is a contact manager that allows you to send communication via email after your site visitor has signed up for your mailing list.

The most important thing to remember is once you have set up your website you need to get the potential prospects to your website. If you are a offline business owner pass out cards with your site name to customers. If you are an online business owner you will need to learn some traffic generation methods. As you can tell there are countless ways to make use of internet in business.

Internet and Business – One Bite At a Time

A family friend once asked me, “How do you eat an elephant?” When I didn’t know how to respond he said, “One bite at a time.”

This seems like either an obvious statement or an attempt a humor. For Internet marketing it is perfect advice.

There are multiplied millions of web pages available online and multiplied millions of web sites to consider.

How can a new website manage the marketing of a site that will exist in the midst of what may seem an infinite number of other more established websites?

One Bite At A Time

You won’t be able to accomplish all your marketing goals overnight, but if you systematically forge a path through a jungle of marketing roadblocks you may begin to observe others who are able to find the path you have forged and venture back to your online store.

Just like a jungle the undergrowth can become pretty thick so it takes ongoing effort to keep the path to your site open and unobstructed. This can mean tracking down broken backlinks as well as developing new marketing strategies.

As more traffic comes to your website the easier it becomes for others to find it. A path is worn to your site and motivated consumers share details on how to get to your site with others.

The process may seem painstakingly slow and you may wonder if there will ever be any positive outcome to all the time and labor you have invested in marketing your site, but there will come a time when you suddenly realize you do not have to work as hard at marketing to see new customers.

This doesn’t mean that you abandon marketing it simply means that you put away the machete of marketing and work at keeping the area trimmed and welcoming. You will never eliminate the need to market. In fact I would go so far as to say that you should make sure you engage in some form of marketing every day.

The elephant of marketing is an enormous beast and can’t be handled in one sitting. When you work toward the objectives of marketing try to look at the one aspect of marketing in front of you and learn that function fully before moving on to the next.

In some cases a marketing objective may be a stand-alone idea, but in other cases, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are linkable strategies that must work together and you really need to have an understanding of how this functions to benefit your online business.

Try not to become too impatient. Imagine the marketing process a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together or building a house of cards. The process is tedious and requires concentration, but the end result provides the potential of a payoff that far exceeds the efforts you put into it.

The analogy of the elephant is simply a way of saying that marketing is something that is not to be taken lightly and cannot be done overnight. When you understand that marketing is a long distance race and not a sprint you will likely find not only greater success, but will also find you have an improved stamina as you keep the pace steady and relentless.

Work From Home Internet and Business Opportunities

Making money online used to be a mystery, a hidden secret that only those with the money to “buy the secrets of _____” from an infomercial could even get started on seeing. Those pioneers that went out and created a path for people to follow, however, were building a landscape that today is accessible to anyone willing to put in the work.

If you love what you do then your work is your play, so don’t get the wrong idea of “work”. There are literally tens of thousands of ways to make money on the internet. The problem most people have is finding the right information on what those ways are amongst the muck and mud content, scams, schemes of the old school players still trying to earn money by tricking you into thinking this information isn’t easy to find.

The internet has become this 4 layer burrito where each layer is independent and self-sufficient yet each layer before it laid the foundation for that one. The evolution of the web has become a multidimensional doorway into opportunity. Opportunity online is a spawn of following certain principals and banking on the building of the web- in much the same way people worked on roads before they were actually useful for people to drive on and get jobs 50 miles from home efficiently.

In that the internet is like the person in the car on the road that jack built- the internet brick and mortars are both the infrastructure builders and those that are laying the foundation for more people to make money and to spread information efficiently.

Some of the ways you do this (here is the meat and potatoes of this article) are in realizing that the internet is built on media. The very words are the nails and the boards, the images are the dressing the eye catchers (so they read the content) and like television, there is both an advertising element and an entertainment/educational/inspirational element that makes it all work (entertain people so they watch commercials which lead them to buy products that pay for the commercials and bring innovation (content, internet television etc…).

In that the most powerful principal here is the content. Learn to write and write in a specific format that Google loves (because readers love it). Write quality content about things your passionate about like making money on the internet!

To make money you can write articles on sites like Hub Pages and Squidoo where they share revenue with you from AdSense ads (Google AdSense program). All you have to do is write about what you’re passionate about. Write about products you like and give a review- then activate the AdSense and advertisement links and if someone loves your review and must have that product, they will likely go to the ad that will lead them to the place that sells it!

You can also add eBay and Amazon modules to your articles- these sites are very easy to use and are designed to help you format your articles correctly. You learn how to write this way and read others articles about how to write effective copy. After you get your feet wet with about 100 articles, and you’ve taken the time to learn why you write things a certain way, and how it affects your monetization (eBay, AdSense, Amazon, Kontera etc…) then you’ll be ready for the next evolutionary step.

Once you learn to write well, you’ve amassed a great resume of articles to prove your skills (over time as you learn new techniques you should go back and update your other articles to meet your new standards) so they make more money and your portfolio is consistent with quality.

Next you will start building your own websites full of content. You’ll monetize the site with CPA offers (you get them potential sales they pay you if the person clicks through and buys the product), AdSense, banner ads, inline links (Kontera), and anything else you can find that will work (and work well with one another). In time you will learn how to build these sites and earn from them like an investment portfolio.

You will also learn how to sell those sites themselves as a business. This is a path that will not only make you money (it’s not quick but it’s sustainable) but it will teach you all you need to know to make money in any other way online! You will be exposed to everything out there at one time or another and your curiosity will be the vehicle that takes you to the point where your not learning how to make money on the internet- your showing others how. There is a lot of money in sharing your experience, knowledge, and insights…. it just keeps going, but give yourself time to learn, time to fail and experience success. If you go too fast you will lose a lot in the process- slow and steady always wins the race! Good Luck out there- Luck is Opportunity met with action!

Christopher Benoit