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Social Media Marketing – Wake Up to the Revolution in Marketing Your Business Online – Part 2

Let me show you more evidence WHY Social Media is becoming an integral part of your internet Marketing Strategy. Following part 1, I want to ask you…

Are you starting to see this media as one of your marketing strategies to promote yourself, your product/service or business on the internet? If you don’t tap into this market you will surely be left behind.

Let’s ponder on another few interesting facts that will undoubtedly continue to demonstrate the enormity of this ever evolving media that is fast becoming the new economy of the world.

- The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is females between the ages 55-65 years,

- The following of celebrities on Twitter is in some cases bigger than the population of some countries or even some countries combined,

- To recruit employees, 80% of companies are turning to Social Media – 95% of these companies use LinkedIn to achieve this goal,

- In the UK 50% of the mobile internet traffic is on Facebook. Think of the impact on your business if someone had a bad experience with either your product or service? In an instant thousands of people will know about it,

What are people saying about your product/service?

- 78% of people will listen to the recommendations of their peers about a product or service compared to only 14%, who will trust an advertising campaign,

- Because of the internet and the impact of Social Media we don’t have to look for products and services, they find us.

This is a definite shift in communication, don’t you think?

Can you see the impact that this marketing strategy can have on your business? People want to know what you can do for them. What value do you give and when they trust you and see you are the real deal, they will support you.

This is why you cannot anymore ignore the power of Social Media. Be part of the organizing committee of this party and give the party animals what they want.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how will we do it?” – Erik Qualman

It does not matter if you’re a business from home, a traditional brick and mortar business, an online internet business, or a big corporate business.

You must became awakened to this big giant that can transform your business and the way you think about marketing your product/service in the age of this evolving beast called Social Media, which is changing the way we/you think?

Educate yourself to become an expert in giving the socialites what they want – in order for you to get what you want.

Internet Marketing For Online Business – Explained

By counting, you would be surprised at the number of online business opportunities that are available on the internet. What however is more surprising is to know that only a few number of online businesses have survived and can really boast of success. Many of the internet marketing strategies for online business leave most people confused more than when they first started. To succeed in your internet business therefore, you need to get familiar with the different aspects of internet marketing for online business.

Many people have not been able to get their internet business off the ground as they find the task of determining the exact marketing method to employ that can fetch them maximum profits at no risk at all. Of course there are many marketing strategies from which you can choose as an internet marketing business that can make you another financial success story if you have not already secured one. The fear of what you are likely to come across in your bid to succeed in your online business and the attitude of trying your hands on just about anything that comes your way can be your own doing unless you make plans to do away with them.

Since there are many internet business marketers like you, you should be prepared to face stiff competition. You can swim the murky waters of whatever competition that comes your way if you can make use of a website marketing strategy that will place you a step ahead of your online contemporaries in internet business. While it is no simple thing to adjudge a method as the best in internet marketing strategies, you can easily identify which particular technique is working in your favor but closely monitoring and doing a follow up on the marketing strategies you implement. Not following up on your marketing strategy decisions will make it difficult for you to assess your success with the method and you will not be furnished with the information that can let you determine if you are to continue with the method or you should pull out.

If an advertisement strategy you put in place is not driving enough people to your website or business link, you can end up losing money in form of advert placement cost. You should as a matter of high importance be able to track your website traffic or the results that come through a website marketing campaign. You can easily achieve this by viewing your website’s log. Launching a campaign for internet marketing for online business requires that you play an active role in strategy development, risk management, market research and quality control if you actually desire success in your online business.

3 Tips to Help You Identify Your Internet Marketing Business

Many of us know that the Internet is a treasure house from which we can draw our requirements to help us tide over our financial concerns. But what many do not know is the tips and tricks which will help you identify your internet marketing business to lead you to this treasure house. The 3 tips discussed below will help you understand how an online business can help you.

1. Versatility

The internet provides opportunities to almost every one. You should have access to a computer and the internet and know how to work with them. You have the ability to decide the size of your business, the time you would spend on the business every day or every week, the amount of money you would invest (where required) and broadly the way you conduct your business. Whatever may be your expertise, you can show case your abilities and make money out of it. Affiliate marketing, Work from home, eBay auctions, freelance jobs, Search engine marketing, social net working, forums etc are some examples of internet marketing business avenues.

2. Easy to Administer

Administering an internet marketing business is easy, because you can do it even when you are on the move. Day or night whenever you find quality time, you can access your online business and attend to its needs. You will set your own targets and there will be no bosses breathing down your neck even when you fail to reach your target in time.

3. Flexibility in size

In the physical world, you have the compulsion to go by certain minimum sizes to establish a business. In the internet world, no such restrictions exist. You can be a single product business with a lethargic pace or a 100 products business with an aggressive approach. It is a level playing field for both the businesses and your internet marketing business size is determined by you.