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Top Internet Home Business Earns Over $100,000 Monthly

The most common question on the minds of most people launching an Internet Home business for the first time is always what kind of income the top online entrepreneurs earn.

The answer to that is that question is that top Internet home business entrepreneurs earn some very serious money. Many of them actually make well over $100,000 monthly.

Naturally the next question is how they actually do it and what particular programs most are most commonly involved with.

Most top Internet home business entrepreneurs own blogs and are also involved in the Google AdSense PPC program which they use extensively to earn some of their substantial monthly income. The AdSense program is what helps fuel their constant generation of content to update their blogs.

However the really big money for top Internet home business entrepreneurs usually comes from affiliate programs. Most online entrepreneurs are involved with several different leading affiliate programs that bring in substantial revenue. Usually top Internet home business entrepreneurs select an affiliate program that is very closely linked to the subject of their blog or blogs. They will also tend to have one or two general well-known affiliate programs that deal in a popular mass appeal product and usually has a good commission structure for affiliates.

The issue that most occupies these top Internet home business super affiliates is how to generate enormous traffic to their blogs so that they can earn their hefty monthly checks.

Starting Your Own Business Online – The 5 Gold Rules

If you want to start your own business online, you should do it following a proven set of rules in order to avoid the mistakes done by the majority of new internet entrepreneurs. This set of rules is not a magical formula that will make you millionaire overnight or become fabulous rich in a few months.

Nevertheless, this set of rules allows you to setup an online business that will create value for you and for your customers and will let you create a stable and long-term source of income.

Before I tell you about the five rules that allow you to start a journey to a successful online business, you must understand that starting a business online is simple but it is not easy.

What I mean with this last statement is that a business online, in general, follows a very, very simple business model:

  1. You setup a website with your offer (products or services);
  2. You drive traffic to your website;
  3. Some of your visitors are interested in what you are offering, becoming your prospects;
  4. Some of your prospects buy from you, becoming your customers;
  5. You can send, later, other offers to your customers.

As you can see, it is a very simple business model, but for having success, you must realize that for each of the previous steps there are some skills, techniques, and knowledge that you must acquire either by learning yourself or by working with someone with the knowledge required.

To get the necessary knowledge on how to implement and optimize the tasks listed above, you can find plenty of information on the internet, free or paid, that will help you to achieve the results you want.

Regardless you do it by yourself or you pay someone to do it, it is important to acknowledge that all of those steps are just tactical, not strategic. Moreover, they are what a great number of internet marketers will try to sell you. However, what are they good for if you don not have a strategy?

I want to present to you the gold rules that you must use to build your business strategy. Once you have your strategy in place, the tactical tasks will surge naturally in the right time.

  1. Know your market;
  2. Prepare your offer;
  3. Create a business plan;
  4. Identify the resources;
  5. Know your numbers.

In summary, these are the five gold rules: Market, Offer, Plan, Resources, and Measure. You should do them in the given order. Unfortunately, the majority of online entrepreneurs start their own businesses online jumping over the first rule. Several do not observer rule number three. In addition, some others go directly to rule number four. Very few are aware of the critical importance of rule number five.

You understand now why so many people fail when they start a business online. Because the model is simple, people tend to forget that is does not means it will be easy. It is a business; you must treat it like any other business.

Internet Marketing and Businesses Online

The marketing and selling of goods and services using internet as a medium for sales and distribution is called Internet marketing. Internet has converted the world into a small village and people from any part of the world can buy or sell products or services.

Internet marketing allows people above certain age limit who have internet connection to a computer can start a business with negligible or no initial costs. This business is done two different ways. One involves selling your products and services as a merchant or work as middle men known as affiliates. These affiliates earn commission by providing a link of the merchants in their website and earn money as and when a customer clicks those links and goes to the website of the merchant. It is important for this website to bring prospects. This is done in three ways:

* Advertising: This is done on third party websites.
* Word of mouth referrals: This is done if someone directly tells you about a website or if someone writes about a website in their own website.
* Passing Traffic: This is nothing but search engine marketing.

Internet marketing has become so popular and the reasons for that are summarized below:

- Internet marketing involves very less risk as you can try and then buy and most of the internet marketers started during their spare time and if successful took it as the main stream.
- It takes lots of investment to start a normal business venture but in the case of Internet marketing the investment is very low or nil. All you need is a well-designed website.
- In normal business you are confined to your area but it is not the case with internet marketing. Anyone from any part of the world can be your customer.
- You can track any advertising efforts made through internet marketing and can discard if it doesn’t work.
- This business runs round the clock without any involvement of humans. You can use this free time for developing yet another website which can generate good income.

Affiliate Marketing

This is not direct marketing of a product but getting commission by promoting another business. You need to provide a link of another business in your website for which you will be paid and for every click of the customer who goes into that business site you will be paid.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing:

- The market that they reach has become wider.
- This involves very less cost.
- The affiliate is paid only for the results.
- Cost of failed advertising is no more.
- Can start earning even by not having a product of your own.
- There are a number of merchants and products and hence an affiliate marketer will never face a situation of not having promotional links.
- It is a hands free process once a website is set up.
- A number of products can be promoted without increasing your work stress.
- It involves less risk as you can change a non-paying product anytime.

Some types of affiliate marketing are:

* Pay per Click which involves payment when the link of the merchant is clicked.
* Pay per Performance which involves payment for a specified result.
* Cost per Action is the most chosen model by many affiliates and is very close to Pay per Click model.